At Marin Outpatient & Recovery Services (MORS) we provide affordable, effective, comprehensive and humane treatment for alcohol and drug addiction or abuse. We seek positive solutions for our clients according to their situation and needs. Our goal is to create and sustain recovery by combining recovery and life skills enhancement.

The journey to recovery begins here...

Why MORS? Primarily, we serve clients who have family conflicts, school problems, or employment, or legal challenges related to their alcohol or drug abuse or addiction. Why Outpatient? Outpatient treatment allows clients to continue to work while learning and applying the solutions to drug or alcohol use, so clients can provide for themselves and their own family's needs.

We accept most private insurance plans upon verification of benefits. Call us now for a determination of your coverage and your benefits.

We believe that integrating knowledge, insight, wisdom, with the consistent implementation of recovery skills and holistic lifestyle enhancement are vital keys to change and maintaining long-term recovery.